To Silence Opposition- A Suspension Story

On June 13th I was pulled into a discussion with a liberal after tweeting numerous tweets to the hashtags #LiberalismIn4Words and #ConservatismIn4Words when I was suspended.  To my knowledge @PolitixFireball is the largest account ever suspended for political opinion, free speech and disagreement with a liberal.

Below is the bulk and main line of our discussion:













During the process of posting another tweet I received a message that I was suspended. Pink ribbon appeared, disappeared and didn’t appear again for over an hour.








@StumblingBlock blocked @PolitixFireball:

@StumblingBlock blocked @PolitixFireball.

I did not make unsolicited replies. The leftist @StumblingBlock, started the entire episode when he angrily replied to my tweets. He also mentioned me a total of 27 times while I replied to him only 19 times. Who should have reported who?

An hour and a half after my suspension I was able to get reinstated. Twitter forced me to admit that I was at fault if I was to have @PolitixFireball reinstated:

@PolitixFireball was suspended for ‘unsolicited mentions.’ Yet @StumblingBlock mentioned me more than I mentioned him.

@utaustingliberal had contact with @StumblingBlock about the time @inGodwetrust76 was spam-blocked and before @PolitixFireball was suspended. They both had contact with conservatives, each other, and blocked conservatives at approximately the same time:

@utaustinliberal connection with @StumblingBlock.

This is very similar to many other cases I have seen.  If we are to be a nation we must respect others.  Our views will often disagree, but this is no reason to lie and cheat to stop the voice of those we disagree with.

10 thoughts on “To Silence Opposition- A Suspension Story

  1. Okay let me see if I am getting this straight! According to Twitter you were suspended for unsolicited mentions. People are mentioning me all the time and I never said they could or not. Why didn’t they just block you, if they didn’t like what you were saying? Don’t take this wrong but I am still not understanding why you even have discourse with these kind of people. You are not going to change their minds and I personally just bow out in those circumstances. Well I am glad you are back! Do I unfollow your back up?

    • Yes, I was rather reckless with that encounter. I was pulled into the hype of the conversation and did everything I would normally advise others not to do. Definitely not using wisdom.

      At that point I also believed that I was ‘un-suspendeable.’ I was clearly wrong…if I hadn’t been so arrogant it wouldn’t have happened.

      Please keep following my backup. If for some reason I’m suspended a third time I would like to be able to communicate!

      May God bless you!!


  2. Yeppers – no such thing as “unsupendable”. I found that the hard way, too. I was clearly taking hits one day – suspended banner showing up, but not suspended – and I was in #twittergulag a couple of days later.

  3. Well, for me the real issue here isn’t whether or not you engage with trolls. While it is a waste of time, I have to say it is occasionally fun to logic trap them and watch them get all ramped up. But that’s my evil twin talking. The real issue is how easily [deliberately] Twitter suspends accounts. Suspension should be reserved for threatening behavior, or over the top viciousness, NOT for simple philosophical/religious disagreements. They really need to investigate before suspending someone; otherwise we all might think Twitter has a bias ;)

    • Twitter wouldn’t want that to happen, would they?…not a chance. Truly it’s ridiculous, but in all honesty I believe that this is an effort by Twitter leadership to distract us and punish conservatives for daring to stand up against leftists and Obama.

      • Hi there! I am afraid I already think Twitter is biased. LOL I mean when they suspend people 4 discussions on Twitter where they aren’t even spewing out hate and really bad language and then let people have accounts like Kill Zimmerman and other horrible twitter accounts and do nothing about it. Come on! I had an Atheist the other day jump on one of my tweets just cause I tweeted out news about Atheist group putting up a billboard sign in North Carolina. I was really curious how their minds work, cause if they don’t believe there is a God then why should they care that others do. U know like I care cause I believe they will be for all eternity in hell and so I would love for everyone to accept Jesus as their Savior, etc but since they don’t believe in God then there is no reason that I can see why they would care what anybody else thought. Well this dear Atheist didn’t want to discuss…just kept accusing me of the same things that countless other Liberals do and it really didn’t even pertain to the subject. So my conclusion is that most Liberals, Atheist, Homosexuals, etc don’t want to know the truth and Twitter w/ only 140 letters is not really the place to actually have a deep conversation. So now I just politely tell them Good bye and usually end up blocking them, cause they don’t want to say Good bye. LOL

  4. Very interesting discussion. As soon as they hit the suspend button you have won the conversation, even if they were making valid points. However, that is rare in the first place, but it could happen one day. LOL As a fellow Twittergulag cellmate 5 times. I feel honored to in your company.

  5. I only have 800 followers & everytime I start to disagree w/ DEMs I get susended- #6 now. It happened my 1st week. I don’t even carry on a long discussion like above. This Wednesday, I was suspended for 3 repsonses back. The excuse has been “multiple unsolicited messages using the @reply/mention feature”
    This has been the excuse 5x & 1x for something else. I know it’s Thanksgiving but I have “appealed” 8x and have received the “I HAVE UNSUSPENDED YOUR ACCOUNT” email from Twitter 8x BUT my account is still suspended. They released it once and then suspended again before I even did a tweet.
    I have another account but how do you block these ppl so they can’t complain. I ONLY speak to the R and try to stay away from L which is boring. I do not cuss but the second I started “discussion” I get booted. THIS IS BECOMING A JOKE!

    • Twitter allows it. There is little that can be done about it. Send a tweet or two and block. Also see if you can get more followers. There are a lot of great people I interact with on a daily basis. Find new friends and drive your followers up to 2,000, this may help. Usually I get in five or six replies when I start to think about blocking the leftist, however I have a much larger account and am much less likely to get suspended. You will be much safer if you have more followers. Remember: Always block first and you’re probably safe.

      It’s also possible you are on a list these leftists maintain. In that case you can lock your account (protect your tweets), but this takes much of the fun out of Twitter. If you feel you’re getting hit block the bad guy, lock your account and don’t mention any Twitter handles for an hour or so.

      Lastly, you can always change your Twitter handle. This is what I recommend for people who are suspended repeatedly and there is no apparent reason (they weren’t arguing or even mentioning anyone). Change your handle and the lefties can’t find you…but in your case this doesn’t seem to be the answer.

      I hope you get this ironed out…it does take time to get into the swing of things sometimes.

      Take care and God bless,


  6. Okay I am back to one of your old posts. That is exactly what Twitter told me about the reason I was suspended. So that’s just their standard line for when some Lib troll gets you suspended? Here I was worrying that maybe I was doing something wrong on my mention and reply. Ok, I think my friend Morgan got it right she told me to send a Twitter report every few hours and sure enough they reinstated me. My thing is that I don’t even argue with them. I just ignore them or block them. But somehow they got me. Alright thanks once again for your help.

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