To Silence Opposition- Suspension Gangs

Attacks on free speech on Twitter and the internet and those who are behind this.

To begin with here’s some tweets from those with guilty consciences:


@BlazePhoenix_ congratulates @Lizardoid.










Spam-block/report for reasons other than spam:

Racial issues reported for spam, instructions on how to report someone and anti-Obama reported for spam.  These aren’t ‘spamming’ issues.  This is disagreement in beliefs.

GottaLaff Condones B & R

@GottaLaff instructions on how to report for spam.

Moron Watch supports B & R.



























Screen shots above from Twitter Gulag Spam Blockers.

@Lizardoid condones block and report in this April screen shot taken from Diary of Daedalus.








Although it has not happened to a great degree some account have been completely banned from Twitter because they were suspended so many times.  Not an account disobeying Twitter rules, but an account attacked and ruined because automated leftist run accounts suspended it time after time.

As mentioned earlier there are a variety of people responsible for these suspensions. They come from different liberal groups who support leftist ideals. Most are loosely (a few closely) united with the goal to silence opposition. Some conservatives on Twitter would suggest that there is a deeper reason for these suspensions. The leftists certainly do not hurt Obama and his administration with their actions– quite the opposite and it is likely that this is at the heart of this.

But it goes beyond the suspension of relatively obscure conservatives on Twitter sharing their personal views. There is an agenda. The entire purpose is to silence anyone who does not laud what is deemed ‘politically correct’ and is not supportive of the current Obama administration. Recently we have learned of other ways liberals are seeking to silence alternative new media. Red State’s Erick Erickson and other bloggers received surprise visits from law enforcement after being falsely reported for committing violent crimes.  Someone (believed to be the same person in each case and likely to be instigated by Brett Kimberlin Bomber turned left-wing activist) called 911 impersonating the particular blogger claiming he had killed his wife.  The SWAT team then shows up at the family’s home.  Of course this was illegal and could easily have led to the death of a family member in one of those households. Quite a dirty trick which shows how the leftists are playing this year: win at all odds, forget the means and casualties.

To many it may seem these events are widely dispersed, but these attacks are increasing.  Suspensions on Twitter are little more than another front for the left to terrorize.  We are supposed to praise Obama and the socialistic policies of this administration or we risk the attack of liberals on us; offending leftists has already lead to life threatening situations for the bloggers mentioned above.  Similar tactics and not only unethical, but cutthroat, activities have been taking place on our favorite social network– Twitter.  Many of those who have been targeted are on the grassroots level, but it is clear that others who are better-known are experiencing attacks not dissimilar.  There is even a possibility of a direct tie between the suspensions and Kimberlin.  Are any of us safe?

The patterns are interestingly similar.  By now it has become well-known that these liberals don’t appreciate being criticized.  If you haven’t noticed this read their statements below.

From @Lizardoid:

Lizard recommends B & R for those he deems ‘Phsyco Stalkers’ aka conservatives, libertarians and patriots who don’t agree with him.

From @Shoq:

Anyone who has a blog will have trolls, but why the strong treatment?

These people want free speech on their side, but when we speak out because we don’t agree with their political views they call it ‘stalking’ and ‘trolling.’  I have had my own share of ‘fans’ since getting on the internet.  In April a liberal  asked me to name the four accounts I had interacted with that were his in the last month and warned me that if I blocked he would be back with another of his fifty or so accounts.  Ohh…and he loves Google.  Okay, I haven’t done anything (except post political tweets).  The above liberals are obsessed with those that allegedly ‘stalk’ them (doubtless we all have these issues), but those doing the spam-report block appear to be doing exactly what they cry against and blame conservatives such as you and I for doing!!

I would recommend that you read this article by Patterico.   Interestingly enough his detailed experiences with SWATting shows that those who are attacking us ruthlessly on Twitter are using the similar tactics and even have interaction with those responsible for these swattings.  To justify their attacks on us they use the ‘stalking’ accusation.  They, in truth are the stalkers and cyber bullies trying to push around and shut us up.  Both the people behind the swatting and those who are part of these suspension teams.

But it goes beyond tactics.  Neal Rauhauser is a good friend of Brett Kimberlin.  This spring there was close Twitter correspondence between Rauhauser and Charles Johnson, the latter is well-known for his denial of #TwitterGulag despite strong evidence showing he’s a part of it.  So right here we see a loose connection through tactics and friends.  Those that were targeted also give a connection.  The best known suspended account was Chris Loesch, who has connections with,  a primary group that the SWATters and stalkers have gone after.

An LGF contributor did brush away the SWATting issue as a conspiracy trumped by right-wing bloggers themselves.  Really?  Why would anyone pull a prank like that?  We are not insane and I would not even wish that on my enemies. Others claim it hasn’t occurred at all. They forget that there would be police records I suppose.

Now it seems the liberals responsible for the Twitter suspensions are even spying and attacking each other.  One conservative blogger released an interesting group of sound bites (which have been backed up by another citizen journalist). According to this, @Shoq admits he has 500 accounts used in the #StopRush effort.  These accounts are likely used to suspend conservatives as well as bully Rush Limbaugh supporters.

Where will these liberals stop? It has yet to be seen. These activities appear to be increasing and the heat of a summer presidential election year has not yet arrived.

Cases of conservatives being suspended from Twitter have not been going away.  We need to prepare for the coming election.  Much of what I have seen points to the idea that there will be an even greater onslaught of suspension activity happening in the future.  Probably even endeavoring to reach higher profile accounts and conservative celebrities.  They won’t stop suspending and intimidating us because they seek to silence us.

But we will not be stopped. We will persist in our cause.

16 thoughts on “To Silence Opposition- Suspension Gangs

  1. I cannot retweet or tweet at all, but can only see others who I follow. I’m I n the gulag and if so can u help me?! I have a feeling it was @shoq I hate that lib. Punk!!


  2. Well I just sent out a tweet but it wasn’t easy. My twitter is all screwed up. I use internet (twitter)off my smartphone so I got somthn else going on


    • Glad to hear that. In this case I honestly don’t know how to help you. Your account looks normal, though that doesn’t mean it is. It is possible that contacting @Support would help. Maybe a restriction of some sort is set on your account. Also try googling the problem. Sometimes there is an issue that has been overlooked.

      May God bless you,



  3. One of my followers DMd me and said there was some real nasty stuff being said about me on the net. He provided a link. My security program would not let the link open. Then had to remove ad ware later. what should I do?


  4. I’ve been banned from the NEA discussion boards… a bogus TOS accusation… could it really have been that I was an outspoken critic of NEA activities and policies… hmmm.


  5. why aren’t we gettig even? I feel we’re like ALL the GOP Politicians in DC. We take & take & take the abuse. I know, we’re better people but silently, can’t we start to get even and spam them?


    • There have been many discussions on this since this spring. Sure it would make us feel good to return the favor and suspend them back, but it would accomplish little. I certainly don’t think it would be right either. Right is always right and wrong is always wrong. Someday these people will get their reward…probably not from us (unless it is accidental…) but it will happen.

      God bless,



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