Keep free of #TwitterGulag

To Keep from Being Suspended

  1. Do not tweet trending or controversial political hashtags which will offend leftists, anger liberals or draw attention to your account.  Short debates with a liberal are better.  Anything more than a few tweets is asking for trouble. Normal block and run.
  2. Avoid @Lizardoid, @BlazePhoenix_, @Shoq, @GottaLaff, @KeithOlbermann, @MoronWatch and their dedicated followers.
  3. When doing the above, be careful and watchful. Tweet articles or have a short conversation with a friend in between the dangerous activities. You can even ask a friend to join the conversation or ask the leftist what s/he is doing. Be wary of reply traps. Spam-blockers may try to trap you into replying to their tweets to suspend you for excessive mentions (mentioning their handle when it was unsolicited).
  4. Don’t hesitate to use the ordinary ‘Block’ button if something appears to be happening, it may save you days if not weeks of suspension time in #TwitterGulag.
  5. If you have a backup account have a list of your favorite tweeps so you won’t lose them if you’re suspended.
  6. The more followers you have, the safer you are.  I was hit when I had over over 20,000 followers, but that is a rare case.  Once you are suspended once, your account is much more vulnerable and weak, so it is even more likely that you will be targeted again.
  7. Lastly, please try not to be a victim.  Use caution. If you are suspended, don’t go back and poke the hornet’s nest again.  It’s easy to make a mistake (I have many times) and have tried to learn from them.  Makes it easier for those fighting suspensions by using proper care and caution.

If You or Someone You Know is Suspended Unjustly

  1. First step is to file a ticket (fill in the email form contesting your suspension). You will need to watch your account and reply to the email Twitter sends if you receive one.  If you are not reinstated in a week, file another ticket.
  2. If you have a backup or second account, do not mention your suspended Twitter handle in an open tweet on that account (at least initially).
  3. The liberals will often follow you to your next account and suspend it as well.  If you wish, you can send me a tweet, contact me via Facebook message, use my email form, or have a trusted friend contact me.  I will help if I can and pass on tips as well as any recent updates.
  4. I’ve seen many accounts BANNED– even a few of my own, but even if Twitter does tell you your account is banned, it is possible that Twitter will reverse the decision if you make enough of a fuss.